The Big Wind and Belmar Engineers Select Belmar Marina Site for 4kW VAWT

Anemometer at the Belmar Marina begins collecting wind data.

Anemometer at the Belmar Marina begins collecting wind data.

Equipped with data from wind testing, site surveys, and the expertise of technical associates,  executives from The Big Wind and Belmar’s town engineers have designated the Belmar Marina as the site for the installation of the Borough’s first UGE 4kW vertical axis turbine. Early data obtained from an anemometer placed at the Marina indicate a strong wind corridor along the Shark River (from all directions), making the area an ideal site for harvesting wind power. Power generated by the VAWT can be used as a direct energy source for the marina facility, offsetting the costs of power consumption and saving the Borough money.

The Big Wind, along with Stark Foundations (, is planning an early autumn installation.

The VAWT was originally designated for the 5th Avenue Taylor Pavilion, but a careful review of New Jersey State CAFRA (Coastal Area Facility Act) permitting guidelines and environmental considerations indicated that the installation could be held up for several months. To keep the project moving, the installation team turned its attention to other sites being studied.

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