We’ve Had Our Fill of “Drill, Baby, Drill”

Anyone who’s been following the news lately has surely heard about the environmental disaster taking place in the Gulf of Mexico right now.  In the aftermath of an explosion on a drilling rig, thousands of barrels of oil are pouring into the sea daily, causing who knows what short- and long-term damage to the area’s wildlife and environment.

The growing oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico can now be seen from space.

Thousands of barrels of oil are pouring daily into the Gulf of Mexico.

How many such calamities must we undergo before we as a nation commit to making the transition to an energy infrastructure based on clean, renewable, sustainable energy sources?

From our perspective at The Big Wind, turning to green energy has no down side.  It could bring industry, jobs, and capital back to the U.S.  It could reduce our dependence on often hostile foreign governments around the world.  In many cases, it will literally put the power back into the hands of the consumer.  Working together, we can help ensure that future generations breathe clean air, drink clean water, and enjoy a range of pristine environments unsullied by human intervention.

The “drill, baby, drill” crowd wants you to believe that fossil fuels are harmless and necessary, but their battle cry is being supported by industries that are firmly entrenched in profiting from the status quo, that spend countless dollars keeping things as they are, that invest less than their fair share back into the United States because of tax loopholes and convoluted accounting practices.  They’re focused on their bottom line right now, but future generations will pay.

When did we start closing our minds to new ideas and innovation?

As Americans, we have always taken tremendous pride in leading the world into its next great phase.  Let’s stop the finger pointing and the infighting.  Let’s turn our attention to retooling the future, rethinking the energy infrastructure, and literally taking back our power, so we never have to grapple with another environmental disaster like the one we’re facing now.

Continuing to rely on fossil fuels will be our undoing.

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