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The Next Step

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010


We at The Big Wind would like to take a moment to express our heartfelt sorrow, disgust, and anger at the ongoing oil and chemical disaster now taking place in the Gulf of Mexico.  As we contemplate this horrific event, it is clear to us that even as we set about solving the current problem, we must not forget the increasingly urgent need to make a widespread transition to renewable energy.

Is there anyone who is not feeling helpless, frustrated, and angry in the face of this unprecedented environmental (and economic) catastrophe?  It seems not, but assigning blame and requiring accountability from those responsible is just one part of the equation.  We must make use of the lessons we’re learning, refocus our anger and frustration, and realize that every one of us can (and must!) take ownership of this issue and do whatever we can to solve it — then act accordingly.

Becoming educated about clean energy alternatives is a good first step.  Understanding the impact that each of us has on the future can help bring about broad transformation from a grassroots level, from bottom to top.  We can not wait for the government to mandate change or for big corporations to find their conscience.  They have way too much invested in the status quo.  We, as individuals, small business owners, and concerned citizens must do it ourselves.  The good news is, we have the means… right now.

Just as the idea of recycling our garbage has become commonplace and second nature to every household and business, the implementation of renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, can find their place in our daily lives. Yes, The Big Wind has a vested interest in selling our wind turbines because we are after all in business and need to earn a living, but our commitment goes far beyond the drive to make a profit. We are fully dedicated to the concept of saving our planet for the future generations, to give our children the same if not better oceans, forests, and wetlands, as well as the many other wonders that make up the natural environment.

Since its creation, America has always been a leader —  in business, political thought, human rights, and championing the common man. We were the first country to create national parks and give thought to preserving the great land that we occupy. From westward expansion to the industrial revolution to the information age, new ideas have always inspired and galvanized us; we look for opportunities to seize and make our own, then become a model for the rest of the world to follow.  Why would we shrink from this critical moment?

So, we would like you to consider investing in your future by investigating the viability of implementing some form of renewable energy at your home or business. The Big Wind offers a line of vertical axis wind turbines that could reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint, but we’re not the only energy alternative available today – if solar energy or another source makes more sense for you, we urge you to consider implementing that.  If we each take even small steps, the cumulative result is big change – new technologies, the creation of new businesses and jobs, and an unprecedented opportunity to have an impact on the future.

Remember, our actions today will resonate in the years to come. Let’s not be remembered as the generation that ruined the world, but instead as the people who saved it.