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CNN to Report on Bar A’s Wind Turbine Installation this Week

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

To Celebrate, The Big Wind Offers 10% Discount.

On August 12, CNN will record a segment on the installation of an Urban Green Energy “eddy” vertical axis wind turbine at Bar Anticipation in Lake Como, New Jersey.  The 600 Watt wind turbine is expected to  produce energy for the bar’s new Grotto Beach Water Feature/Waterfall.

A newly installed "eddy" 600W wind turbine produces energy for a home along the Jersey Shore.

A newly installed "eddy" 600W vertical axis wind turbine produces energy for a home along the Jersey Shore.

Manufacturer Urban Green Energy selected The Big Wind and Bar Anticipation’s implementation of wind energy for the CNN segment because it exemplifies the practical application of wind energy in a commercial venue and demonstrates the value of a vertical axis wind turbine to an individual end user.  The Big Wind is excited and grateful to have been chosen for the CNN piece.  The air date has yet to be announced.

According to Urban Green Energy, the eddy wind turbine – a different kind of wind turbine – can be assembled in under an hour and mounted virtually anywhere.  Because of its vertical axis design, he eddy can produce energy with wind from any direction.  The 600W turbine has a  maximum safe wind speed of 120 mph (55m/s) and an estimated 20-year lifetime.   In addition to reducing the amount of energy that must be purchased from the grid, the eddy also provides energy security, ensuring that when the power is out, there is still electricity to power some essential devices in the home or business.

Solar-ready eddy can also be connected directly into a solar system. The turbine is available with easy to install and affordable mounting options, including a variety of tower heights and roof mount options.  Mechanical lifts are also available, making installation possible without a crane.

To celebrate this momentous event, The Big Wind is offering a 10 percent discount on all turbines sold during the month of August. Combined with the 30 percent government tax rebate, customers can save up to 40 percent on their wind turbine purchase, in addition to reducing overall energy costs throughout the year.  The discount comes in advance of  a projected price increase by the manufacturer in September 2010.

As always, The Big Wind urges everyone to remember that saving our planet and our future must begin at the grassroots level – we can’t expect someone else to do it for us.  The eddy 600W vertical axis wind turbine is the perfect next step for taking control of your own energy production and reducing the country’s overall dependence on carbon-based energy sources and often hostile foreign governments.