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Street Smarts

Monday, October 25th, 2010

The Sanya

The Big Wind is delighted to introduce the Sanya Wind/Solar Hybrid Streetlamp, a new generation of street lighting that seemlessly merges function with form.

“The base design incorporates a 600W UGE vertical axis wind turbine as well as 80W of solar panels to provide more than enough energy to ensure the street lamps are shining 365 nights a year,” says manufacturer Urban Green Energy. “Up to five days of energy can be stored in our lamps’ battery bank to make certain that all lighting needs are met.  Instead of providing one design and forcing it to all projects, our wind/solar street lamp solution is customized to fit each project depending on the lighting, color and design needed, as well as the wind and sunlight available. This gives our customers a product that can be tailored to fit all of their needs without the customization fees.”

To learn more about this smart, next-generation energy product, follow this link: