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The Big Wind LLC becomes first to install Wind Turbine on NYC Public School

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

The Big Wind LLC has become the first Wind Turbine Company to install an Eddy GT off grid vertical axis wind turbine and Solar panel system on a public school in NYC. The High Bridge Gardens Middle School,in the Bronx, will be the first “Totally Green” public school in NYC. The Big Wind LLC will lead the team that is installing the 1000k Wind Turbine and 2k Solar panels and will help the school become a “one of a kind” totally renewable , low carbon emission generating public school. The Big Wind LLC will continue to help the NYC School Construction Authority with all of it’s new construction projects. The Big Wind LLC President and CEO Gregory Hart was quoted as saying “this is a great day for the NYC public school system, we are now on the verge of bringing the NYC Public school system into the 21st century and the reality that we must change the way we build our public buildings. Wether you believe in “Globel warming or not” , by reducing our carbon foot print we will be ¬†saving the tax payers of NYC on their energy costs, this is a positve step forward. We at The Big Wind LLC look forward to this partnership with the city of NY and ¬†are excited to help “green” other schools.” To learn more visit or call 609-902-0157